AsylumProtection: ***free advice and review for (rejected) asylum seekers***
Contact: asylum-protection@europe.com or fax: 020-7508845

AsylumProtection : The right of asylum is too costly to be casual about.
However true this may be, in real life it may be hard to deal with the above-mentioned wisdom. Asylum seekers who were rejected and got a negative decision can easily wonder whether in their case the Immigration Service (IND, Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst) was in fact too casual....
It may be too hard to believe that your asylum request failed to convince. Questions may remain: why was the final decision negative ?
And next: what am I to do now, is there any chance of reparation and if so, in what way ?

AsylumProtection may help to understand and give a clue when after rejection you are in serious doubts and confusion.
We can explain and review your case, and offer solid legal advice about your chances of a new procedure and what would be needed.

What is needed for advice and review by AsylumProtection ?
  • In case you would like asking advice before you send your file for review, just send your questions by e-mail.
  • In case you would like a review of your case you can send your file of the former procedure(s): at least the interviews, the IND-decision(s) and the court's decision(s); if possible the complete file.
  • Next: add really anything, if any, that might help build your case: new information on your personal situation, new documents, anything other that can possibly matter.
  • Your email address and/or fax-number.
  • Send these documents to the email address or faxnumber mentioned above and below.

  • AsylumProtection will send its advice to your email-address within a couple of days.
  • In case of a review the advice will be about the possible chances of a new (asylum) procedure and what needs to be done with a view of possible success.
  • You will be asked further information if need be. If the case is too complex for on-line advice, you will be offered an appointment for personal contact.
  • If no chance of success in a new (asylum) procedure seems to be the best option, we will tell you likewise.

Your future is too costly to be casual about.
This wisdom is equally true. Your chances for a good future life should be leading. Your life cannot be built on long-lasting illusions nor on false hopes. Therefore you should get as much insight into your situation as you can get. Only then you can feel free enough again to take the better decisions on your future.

Good to know.
  • AsylumProtection 's legal advice is free of charge, is easy to obtain and can thus answer the most urgent questions about your (asylum) case and therefore your future.
  • AsylumProtection 's advice is given by legal advisers on the basis of 25 years of experience.
  • AsylumProtection 's advice is serious and solid: the asylum right is too costly to be casual about it.
  • AsylumProtection does not share the applicant's file with whomsoever or whatsoever. Your personal data remain fully confidential.

  • mail Send your e-mail to asylum-protection@europe.com or send a fax to faxnumber 020-7508845.

  • Our advice is given with the utmost care on the basis of the information and documents as communicated and handed in by the applicant. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences, either legal or financial or otherwise, as a result of any actions taken or not taken by the applicant on the basis of our advice.
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